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Sarah's Mountain Retreat Cabin is one of the most unique places you will ever have the opportunity to visit.  Sarahís cabin is nestled on a hilltop leading to one of the highest mountains in Central Virginia.  Every hiker traveling the Appalachian Trail visits Spy Mountain Rock, which sits on top of Spy Mountain.  Sarahís cabin will combine the true meaning of mountain living with the modern convenience of today.  Sit on the deck and observe the majestic beauty of the valley area called Montebello.  Listen to the rushing water in the valley as it flows through a state fish hatchery that was originally owned and operated by Sarahís family.  While sitting on the deck, you can observe Virginiaís wildlife, including white-tailed deer, rabbits, and turkeys feeding in the fields.   

If you are longing for a mountain vacation, Sarahís cabin is the right location for you.  Kick back on the cabin decks and enjoy the solitude and privacy.   When rested, take a walk to the country store like Sarahís family once did and meet local residents.   Donít forget to drive down the mountain a bit and try your skills at hiking up Crab Tree Falls.  The hiking trail at Crab Tree Falls is parallel to the waterfalls.  Crab tree, as locals refer to it, is located on the headwaters of the Tye River.  Crab tree falls is owned/operated by the National Forest Service.   As the water cascades down the mountain, it earns the distinction of being the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River.  If you donít feel like a climb, take your fishing pole and try your luck at native trout fishing.  You can always move down stream and fish some of the best trout stocked waters in Virginia.

Now that you have had the opportunity to hike on the Appalachian Trail to Spy Rock and climb Crab Tree Falls, visit the Blue Ridge Parkway.  After traveling west three miles, you can go in either direction on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Traveling north visits Wintergreen Ski Resort where you can play golf during the off season.  Humpback Rock over looking the beautiful Shenandoah Valley is just a short distance past Wintergreen Ski Resort.  If you go south on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the panoramic views will equal a northern trip.  If youíre not interested in a parkway trip, then go off the mountain and visit Natural Bridge, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  Another natural wonder, Natural Chimneys, is within driving distance of Natural Bridge.   Donít forget to visit Lexington and rediscover Virginia history.  Drive to Staunton and visit the American Frontier Culture Museum or visit the birthplace of the Nationís twenty-eighth president, Woodrow Wilson. 

The attractions and history of the surrounding area are so numerous that you must visit our historical and local attractions section to learn more.

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